Family business with a massive selection

Bespoke beds made in Yorkshire
Supplied in 7 days
Bespoke designs without the price tag

Then we have the headboards
Total of 24 different patterns
Then you can add square sides
Or you can add curved sides

Plus there are 49 different colours/fabrics

We then offer divan bases with or without storage options as follows
1) none draw platform topped
2) 2 draws positioned either 2 at the bottom half or top half, or 2 SAME SIDE.
3) 4 draw bases can have either 4 draws all same size OR 2+2 which is called a Continental draw divan and it has 2 large draws at the bottom sides and 2 half size draws at the headend of the base so you can still use bedside cabinets and still be able to open and close those 2 smaller draws.

With the winged headboards online end lift ottomans in standard or electric

Without winged end or side lift – standard or electric

All Ottoman beds have a lifetime guarantee on lifting arms and gas pistons

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